Stateful Widget

If you're new to Flutter, you may be wondering what exactly a Stateful widget is and how it differs from its Stateless counterpart. In a nutshell, a Stateful widget is a widget that rebuilds whenever there is a change in its state. This means that if you have a button that changes color when it's pressed, for example, that button is a Stateful widget.

So, how does a Stateful widget work? When a Stateful widget is first created, it calls its createState() method. This method returns a State object, which is then used to manage the widget's state. The State object has a few methods that can be used to manipulate the widget, such as setState() and build().

The setState() method is used to change the widget's state. This can be used to change the widget's appearance, for example. The build() method is used to rebuild the widget's UI. This is called whenever the widget's state is changed so that the UI can be updated to reflect the new state.

That's a very brief overview of Stateful widgets in Flutter. For more information, check out the Stateful widget class documentation.

You can learn about StatelessWidget here.

Anil Rao K

Author: Anil Rao K

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